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Squirrel Eiserloh

Director, TrueThought LLC


Squirrel (Brian) Eiserloh is a veteran programmer/designer seeking to find ways to help games discover their full potential as a medium. His path through game development has spanned a number of genres from early online MUDs to action/adventure/role-playing videogames, casual games, and shooters. A strong advocate of math education and creative collaboration initiatives, he is currently helping build TrueThought LLC, a new Dallas-based game development studio. In his spare time he organizes a group of area developers who conduct 48-hour experimental "game jam" sessions and serves on the board of his local IGDA chapter.


Squirrel can be reached directly at:


  • B.A. Physics (double major in Math), Taylor University, 1996

Game Development Career

  • Director / Co-Founder, TrueThought (Aug 2008 - Present)
  • Technical Director, MumboJumbo Games (Dec 2006 - Aug 2008)
  • Technical Director, Ritual Entertainment (Feb 2002 - Sep 2007)
  • Lead Programmer, Ion Storm (Jan 1997 - Jul 2001)

Commercial Game Projects

  • Unannounced Title (PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC, Electronic Arts, TBD)
  • Everyday Genius: SquareLogic (PC, MumboJumbo, 2009)
  • Luxor 3 (Wii / PC, MumboJumbo, 2007)
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC, Electronic Arts, 2007)
  • 25 To Life (PS2 / Xbox / PC, Eidos Interactive, 2006)
  • Quake 4 (PC, Activision, 2005)
  • Backyard Wrestling 2 (PS2 / Xbox, Eidos Interactive, 2004)
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (PC, Vivendi, 2004)
  • Counter-Strike for Xbox (Xbox, Microsoft, 2003)
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II (PC, Activision, 2003)
  • Anachronox (PC, Eidos Games, 2001)
  • Other cancelled / unannounced projects


  • Ad Lib Game Development Society (ALGDS) (founder), Feb 2004 - Present (5+ years)
  • International Game Developers Association, Dallas Chapter (board member), 2004 - Present (5+ years)

Public Speaking

  • Math For Game Programmers (1-day tutorial) / Game Developers Conference, 2009
  • Physics For Game Programmers (1-day tutorial) / Game Developers Conference, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Principles of Game Design (2-hour lecture) / Interactive Arts and Media Visiting Artists Series, Columbia College, 2008
  • Perfect Candidate Forum: Software Developer (1-hour panel) / Game Education Summit, Guildhall @ SMU, 2008
  • Motion and Collision: It's All Relative (90-minute lecture) / Computer Game Conference, University of Texas in Dallas, 2006
  • 24-Hour Open Source Improvisational Game Development (lecture / roundtable) / O'Reilly Foo Camp, 2005
  • Representing Time in Games (lecture, poster session) / Game Developers Conference 2005; Dallas IGDA, 2003
  • Space-Partitioning Techniques in Game Development (90-minute lecture) / University of North Texas, 2004
  • Zen of Game Programming (60-minute lecture) / Computer Game Conference, University of Texas in Dallas, 2004
  • Rapid Prototyping (lecture / roundtable) / O'Reilly DigiFoo Camp, 2004


"Simply put, Squirrel is a joy to work with. He is a catalyst for results and a positive environment. Learning, growth and happiness seem to be key components of his life and he shares them freely with anyone who wants them. There aren't words to express my admiration for him."

  • Bill Schofield (January 13, 2006) :: Chief Architect, Blue Fang Games (worked with Squirrel at Ritual)

"Squirrel is a brilliant programmer and an extraordinary communicator. The passion, technical knowledge, leadership skills and responsibility that he brings to a team is truly incalculable. And his luminous personality and great sense of humor is inspiring, making him an absolute joy to be around."

  • Adam Bellefeuil (February 11, 2007) :: Senior Level Designer, Epic Games (worked with Squirrel at Ritual)

"Squirrel is the kind of guy every company dreams of hiring - he has both skill and passion in spades. He has an incredible ability to analyze in any domain and communicate effectively. He also has a talent for design and implementation, be it software, games, process, or organization. He's one of those rare people who will galvanize others in the pursuit of excellence, and an all-around great guy."

  • Josh Martel (July 13, 2006) :: Programmer, Escalation Studios (worked with Squirrel at Ion Storm, Ritual)