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Welcome to the homepage of TrueThought LLC, a new kind of game company.


TrueThought is an independent game development studio located in Dallas, TX, USA.

Led by industry veterans Ken Harward and Squirrel Eiserloh, TrueThought is focused on bringing a sense of quality, craft, and innovation to every project we work on.

We specialize in programming, design, and production for projects of any genre, scope, and platform. Check out our experience and availability to see if we can help your current or future project be more successful.


TrueThought's debut indie game title, Everyday Genius: SquareLogic, is now available as a Free Demo or for purchase at these locations online:

  • Steam (by Valve Software, makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike)
  • MumboJumbo (publisher of popular casual games including Luxor, 7 Wonders, Samantha Swift, and Midnight Mysteries)

Look for more SquareLogic news on the official SquareLogic homepage.


TrueThought is a game development company created with the ambitious goal of bringing a deeply engaging gameplay experience to the widest possible audience, while maintaining a dedication to a set of principles that puts employees first. Fundamental to this is a corporate culture that fosters communication, respect, creative collaboration, mutual responsibility, and candid transparency.

We believe that games are a powerful medium and a fundamental aspect of human expression, exploration, interaction, and growth. By focusing on games that engage people in new and surprising ways, we hope to help people discover their inner genius, and their inner love for play.


TrueThought LLC was founded by Ken Harward in September 2007. Squirrel Eiserloh came onboard in August 2008.

Between them, they have over 22 years of professional game development leadership experience at five studios. They have contributed to games across a wide variety of genres, from action-adventure and shooters to casual games, with development cycles ranging from four months to four years.

To date TrueThought has been involved in several projects as work-for-hire contractors, in addition to developing our own IP and game technology.